Taking Precaution: 6 Things Each Manager Can do to Improve Interoffice Safety [GUEST POST]

Taking Precaution: 6 Things Each Manager Can do to Improve Interoffice Safety

Company managers can take several measures to ensure a safer working environment for their employees. Anyone who becomes injured in the workplace may have to apply for social security disability benefits in order to cover medical bills and other expenses resulting from accidents. Managers can minimize the chances of accidents occurring at work by taking these five precautions.

#1: Implement First Aid Training

Managers can take first aid training courses and encourage their employees to do the same. Many first aid programs include CPR and AED training and can be completed within a short amount of time. It is best to keep a well-stocked first aid kit in an area where employees can easily find it whenever an accident occurs.

#2: Hold Emergency Drills

One of the best ways to make the workplace safer and prepare employees for potential disasters is to hold regular fire and earthquake drills. These drills are particularly important in areas that are prone to natural disasters. Everyone should know where emergency exits are located and what to do once they have exited the building.

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#3: Arrange a Workplace Inspection

A qualified inspector can come in to check out all the areas around an office where potential dangers many be lurking. Mold, radon and other known hazards can greatly compromise employee safety and may be difficult to identify by someone who has not had the proper training. The structural integrity of the building can also be inspected as an additional safety precaution.

#4: Implement Organizational Standards

To help with cleanliness, organization is key. Not only does working in a messy environment decrease productivity and makes the business look less professional but it’s a safety hazard too. If things are lying on the floor, then someone can easily trip on it. By using a cubby system for employees’ personal belongings or company inventory, this won’t have to become a worry. A cubby system can easily be made by using stackable shelf bins that can be ordered from companies like Quantum Storage. This is a great way to ensure that there is plenty of clear and safe space for everybody to move around in.

#5: Produce Safety Training Videos

Managers can create videos that demonstrate the proper safety protocol while using real-life situations as examples. New employees who may not understand workplace safety standards will particularly benefit from watching these videos. It may even be a good idea to include tests that require workers to demonstrate their knowledge of the subjects that were featured in the videos.

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#6: Start a Bonus Plan

Certain companies have found success when it comes to safety by offering bonuses to employees who maintain hazard-free environments. Employees can receive bonus payments or other incentives if no one is injured within a certain period of time. This type of reward system will usually encourage workers to adhere to all safety precautions more vigilantly.

Improving workplace safety can often be accomplished by devoting a small amount of time and educating employees on the importance of maintaining excellent safety standards. Managers should regularly check to make sure these measures are always closely being followed.

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