Threesome Tactics To Generate Sales-Ready Leads Through Inbound Marketing

Threesome Tactics To Generate Sales-Ready Leads Through Inbound Marketing

Finding customers for your business is as easy as getting an old pal you bumped into to say “yes” for a coffee and a quick chat, even if he’s rushing onto something very important. But finding Interested and the most Qualified ones is a totally different course.

Esme London is a startup online jewelry store in the UK that sells meticulously crafted jewelries. Although they are new and yet to establish a name in the industry, they bravely took the courage to utilize advanced marketing tactics. Their website may seem reserved and simple but comprises substantial information and CTAs that are capable of answering target customers’ queries, while technically creating a database of customer profiles. Brand and market awareness are also consistently worked on through flyers that contain landing pages with links to avail discounted promotions. These flyers are emailed to profiled customers who made enquiries via their website. Moreover, content is soon to become a part of the whole marketing process.

The young start-up jeweller heeds to make it big in the retail industry. The Inbound Marketing tactics they engage with are surefire to generate sales-ready leads – and are now slowly creating tracks for the business.

Let’s take a look at how these tactics work:

Search Engine Optimization

When positioned properly, SEO can increase website usability. Here are some tips to takeaway:

  • Keyword/s or phrases should be most familiar and common to customers with less jargon use.
  • Build an accessible website by not hosting on subfolders (e.g.
  • Monitor key performance indicators like Visits, Conversions, and Landing Pages

An SEO-friendly website will definitely drive traffic which means there’ll be more customer queries through your “ask us”, “call us” or “email us” CTAs and other customer activities. And you wouldn’t have to run after your customers, instead they’ll come to you.

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Information, information and more information – that’s what everyone else wants. So how do businesses give in to customer demands? Give them the knowledge and teach them how to do things to benefit from the products and services you offer through quality content:

  • Create contents that clearly speak more WIIFM (what’s in it for me) –  what your customers can benefit from the products and services you offer,  and they’ll surely look forward for more follow-up articles and do some “shares”.
  • Include tips and how to’s or maybe some trivia like survey or comparative data in your articles but make sure that these are necessary and usable to your customers.

Example:How do B2B Marketers Craft an Industry Related Content

  • Data presented must be accurate and contain links to the source of information. However, you need to double check on the integrity of these references before linking them to your content, otherwise you’ll end up misinforming your customer and lose  business credibility in just one blow. 

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Social Media Promotion

Social media has become the heart of mankind – people can hardly get through a day without having even just a minute of browsing, posting selfies or any online activity over FB, IG,Twitter even stumbleupon can drive a large number of web traffic

Information on entertainment, communication, trade, sales and marketing – name anything you want to know or would like to see and you’ll have it right in front of you in a blink of an eye.


So take these tips on how your business can take advantage on the effectiveness of social media:

Callbox Facebook Page

Screenshot from Callbox Facebook Page

Currently the page 3000+ followers and counting. Follow Callbox!

  • Monitor KPIs. Based on your goals for the business: more likes, shares or website visits and enquiries, keep track of the data and gauge the progress by conversions: has there been more products sold, more services booked or appointments set?

Esme London may not have much resource to do big time sales and marketing promotion but confidently banks on the capabilities of SEO, Content and Social Media – the threesome inbound marketing tactics that are currently driving more traffic of sales-ready leads to their website.

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