5 Ways to Offer Better Customer Service on Facebook

Building great relationships between businesses and consumers stem from great customer service, and according to a study done by Accent Marketing, over 80% of consumers expect to get this the most on Facebook.

This goes without saying that brands must then incorporate customer service into their social strategy. Especially on Facebook, which is actually the most effective venue in which negative comments from customers can be turned into opportunities for improvement.

Listed below are some tips to help you improve your Facebook customer support and use the social media giant to your business advantage.

1. Engage “Superfans”.

Look for influencers who are knowledgeable about your products, and engage them with your brand. Well-versed customers are likely to answer the questions of other customers who stop by on your page. More importantly, reward such customers with acknowledgement, and this will cultivate more engagement.

 2. Assign the right experts.

Since customer service reps are not Facebook managers and vice-versa, groups who specialize in different things must team up to provide online customers with the best support possible. Experts suggest that if you have a social media team, they must be trained to assess whether Facebook comments must be escalated to the appropriate customer service representative, so that better responses can be made.

 3. Be warm and accommodating.

Develop a brand voice that is as human as possible. Respond even to the meanest posts, and take the opportunity to attend to your customers’ complaints on your public page, instead of deleting them. A problem encountered by one customer could be a problem encountered by another customer, and answering this question where a lot of other customers can see them can hit a lot of birds with one stone.

 4. Use the “Pin” feature.

“Pinned” posts enable brands to highlight most talked about topics by pinning them to the top of their Facebook walls. If a brand receives an influx of the same questions, they can choose to address this and pin reply posts to the top of the wall, instead of answering the question multiple times. Doing so will reduce the number of incoming inquiries.

5. Graciously accept praise.

Respond to compliments with genuine appreciation. If you answer negative comments, reply to positive ones, too. This way, you can foster positivity and gratitude. Satisfied customers highly appreciate it when their favorite brands hear them out and thank them when they offer compliments. This in turn will encourage them to come back to leave positive comments again every time they find good things to say about your brand. These positive comments help improve brand reputation and increase your likeability factor.

These are only some few basic tips to amp your Facebook customer service initiatives, but always be reminded that customer service is more complex than it actually looks. It needs constant attention and innovation, and stellar service is only possible if the intention to help is genuine, and when customer service agents take the extra mile to keep every customer satisfied. Facebook is one of the best avenues to do this, so it’s important to always stay abreast of all the different ways the social media platform can be utilized to improve your brand.


About the Author:

Alleli Aspili  is a Senior Specialist for Business Development in Infinit Outsourcing, Inc. (Infinit-O), an ISO-certified BPO company that caters inbound call center, finance and accounting and healthcare outsourcing to SMEs. Responsible for maintaining Infinit-O, Infinit Contact, Infinit Healthcare, Infinit Datum and Infinit Accounting online brand and content.