The 3 Fundamentals of a Conversion-Friendly Lead Gen Landing Page

The 3 Fundamentals of a Conversion-Friendly Lead Gen Landing Page

With the intention of pouring in every supposed “helpful” element in making landing pages more effective, marketers often find themselves in a misguided predicament: what really should be the priority in optimizing land pages?

First of all, it’s a B2B lead generation tool, so that clears the air as to what the goal is.

So in order for a landing page to successfully facilitate a visitor’s conversion into a lead, there must be several guiding principles that directs all courses of action into the right path. And these principles lie in the way an online marketer would position its tools in the landing page:

Balance is the key

To capture a lead, you must be able to weigh exactly the amount of the information that you’re trying to extract from a site visitor, versus the value of the prize you’re giving away. The major roadblock is disclosure – people need to be given a good reason before they would disclose any information to a couple of empty fields in your opt-in form.

Are you asking too much information in exchange for a measly whitepaper with a handful of tips? Are you demanding too much time for them to sign-up just for an email subscription they don’t actually need anyway?

To make it easier for them to bite your offer, make it a fair deal. Don’t ask too much for something that you know is less valuable than what you’re getting.

Design is decisive

Do you know what ticks most marketers off? It’s the fact that there are countless landing pages out there that have ridiculously bad-looking appearances, yet they convert visitors really well. And then you see these very elaborate websites complete with all the dazzling elements any designer could muster, but still struggles to produce the numbers.

You see, it’s not about how “beautiful” your design is, but how “strategic” it is to support your lead generation tactics. As long as you have a concise value proposition, a core benefit statement, a strong call-to-action, some trust elements and social media buttons, you’re lead generation odds are maximized.

Post-conversion is still crucial

When a visitor has been converted into a lead, the task is not yet done. While the prospect is still warm, it is still a huge opportunity to get more. On the page where the visitor would get the content he signed-up for (eBook, whitepaper, or access to a post), remember to say your thanks, but also don’t forget to position your share buttons and other lead-capture tools.

When a lead was able to get what he wanted, he’d be happy to go a little further and spread the word or provide more info. Most marketers neglect this stage, not knowing how much additional gain they could get.

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