How to make your Event a Big Hit! Phase 1: Promotion and Communication

How to make your Event a Big Hit Phase 1 - Promotion and Communication

Adding events to your marketing repertoire can provide extra boost to conventional efforts, and sometimes it even brings in something that only event marketing can give: actual physical presence. Events can expand your reach to unknown territories and physically introduces your brand to new people, which is always the true essence of marketing in general.

Big or small, events require the most energy amongst various marketing strategies, especially in preparation for the actual gig.

Promotion is everything.

How you promote the event is as important – if not more – as the event itself, because even when some people could not show up, the goal is to at least make them aware of what’s happening, and that’s an important gain that could be useful in the future.

Aside from the logistics and SOPs to prepare for an event, here are some tips on how to effectively spread the word:

  • Profile the attendees. It’s important to know what kind of people is expected to attend, and why they would come. Determine the target industries; infiltrate micro-business organizations and know what interests them.
  • Make sure your event will not be a copycat. Months before the event, while you and your team are undergoing several brainstorming sessions, make time to snoop around for recently-concluded or upcoming events from other companies as well. They may have inadvertently adopted the same theme or concept that you’re planning, and in that case you have to make modifications. Don’t risk it; although unintentional, people will still see it as ripping off.
  • Create a buzz in cyberspace. If teenagers regularly use Facebook to promote house parties on ordinary weekends, then companies should definitely follow suit. There are tons of social business groups online that could vessel your event into other sites. And don’t settle for a Facebook page – you can create a fully-functioning website for the event where they could register and gather more info. Give them an option to invite their colleague via email.

Reference: 7 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Marketing Events